Don't Be A Basic Pixel

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Issue #X17

"Don't Be A Basic Pixel."

What are basic pixels?  Adam EX describes them as gaming influencers who do nothing but play games online.  Most twitch streamers fall under this category.  They are highjacking the gaming industry like a virus without providing anything additional to offer the world.

They are soaking up all the attention and driving traffic away from those who truly deserve our admiration.  Those gaming developers who worked tirelessly to give you a great game to play.

While Let's Play Gamers and Twitch Streamers gain more popularity, gaming devs are falling further into the background.  

Adam EX's point of view is.. If you're going to create content based on popular games, create something worthwhile that adds to the mystique of the art instead of sucking off of trends like a gaming attention whore vampire.

In other words.  Don't Be A Basic Pixel.  This shirt is a protest against those basic pixels.

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