Glitch Boy In Mega Man 2 ROM - Pixel X
Glitch Boy In Mega Man 2 ROM - Pixel X
Glitch Boy In Mega Man 2 ROM - Pixel X

Glitch Boy In Mega Man 2 ROM

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Mega Man 2 Glitched ROM Hack by Kamimation Studios.  Download by purchasing for free.

In the year 20XX, Mega Man is dead.

Now fire storm has rained down on Mega City. Dr. Thomas Light is behind bars and the city is plagued by crime and violence. Glitch, a biker delinquent ally of Dr. Light, receives a mission to awake a Peace Keeping Robot code named "Gamma" while his biker friends plot to spring Light from prison but are being hunted down by rival gang known as the Neo Wily's. Enjoy this 8 bit animated Mega Man fan project.

The Story takes place between Mega Man Unlimited and Mega Man X

Watch episode 1 of Glitch Boy!

After the events of Glitch Boy 1... 

Glitch Boy disappeared from Mega City, but has appeared in a ROM version of Mega Man 2.  Could Glitch Boy still be alive? Could he have entered a different gaming dimension? 

Download the game and play as Glitch Boy in the Classic Mega Man 2!

In Episode 2 of Glitch Boy.

Glitch Boy's biker gang are on the Run as a rival gang has tracked them down to Dr. Light's abandoned shack in the desert.  Meanwhile 8 new Wily Robots have entered the city to cause havoc.  Will Glitch Boy return to the city or is he stuck in an alternate gaming dimension forever?

Watch episode 2 of Glitch Boy!