Glitch Boy Into The Nexus Game Demo

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Glitch Boy Into The Nexus THE GAME demo.  Download the game below.

In the year 20XX, Mega Man is dead.

It's the year 20XX and Mega Man has died but not before Dr. Wily has one more plot to try to take over Mega City. Enter Glitch Boy a human and follower of Dr. Light's teachings. He and a band of vigilantes try to save Dr. Light from his new Robot Masters. However, Glitch Boy is taken by Gate Man and digitized Into Dr. Wily's New Simulation called The Nexus. 

Play as Glitch Boy as you figure out what the Nexus is, What Wily's Real Plot is and most importantly, how to escape!

The Story takes place between Mega Man Unlimited and Mega Man X

Here is a clip of Level 1

Could Glitch Boy be the savior of Mega City?

Glitch Boy is or was human.  He was the leader of a cycle gang called the Light Born and attempted to spring Dr. Light from Prison.  Watch Glitch Boy Part 1 for insight into where we first met Glitch Boy


In Glitch Boy 1 we met Gate Man and saw him kidnap Glitch Boy.  It was Gate Man that teleported Glitch Boy into the Nexus.  Now it's up to you!  Play as Glitch Boy and break the code of The Nexus by any Glitch Necessary. Down the game demo for free below!

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