Maki Spin - Pixel Vixen #124
Maki Spin - Pixel Vixen #124

Maki Spin - Pixel Vixen #124

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Pixel Vixen #124

Maki Genryusai (源柳斎 真紀 Genryūsai Maki?), more commonly known simply as Maki (マキ Maki?), is a video game character who debuted in Final Fight 2. She would later return in the crossover game Capcom vs. SNK 2 before appearing in the Street Fighter series starting with Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper. She is a speedy ninja along the same lines as Guy, and sister to his fiancé, Rena.  Here she is with a cold stone stare. 
  • Character: Maki Genryusai
  • Game: Final Fight 2
  • Martial Art: Bushin
  • Media Style: Gif
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