Issue #X18

R.O.B. The Robot first appeared in the NES game Gyromite.  Gyromite was a revolutionary game and utilized R.O.B. The other game was Stack Up.  

This shirt, takes the image at the bottom of Gyromite and gives it, the glory it deserves.

R.O.B. is the reason Nintendo took off in America.  At the time, the Atari has destroyed consumer confidence.  Nintendo needed an X factor to get the NES in the hands of kids.  Nintendo used R.O.B. the robot as a unique toy that interacted with the games to lure store chains to get interested in the product. 

Nintendo also only launched in New York and funded there own advertising and branding campaign where they set up displays in department stores.  The strategy worked and as soon as kids got there hands on the Nintendo Entertainment System the rest was history.

While R.O.B. only appeared in two games, his legend lives on.  He is a main character in Super Smash Bros but strangely has yet to ever get his own game.

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