Skate Or Die
Skate Or Die
Skate Or Die
Skate Or Die

Skate Or Die

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Skate Or Die!


Skate or Die! was inspired by a coin-operated skateboarding game from Atari called 720°. In the arcade of 720°, an announcer yells SKATE OR DIE! when time is about to run out and you have to put in another quarter.  In the game Skate or die there is no timer or quarters but features a similar general concept as 720° where a skate boarder must go do different place in a park and compete.  

  • It Should Be Illegal To Skate In This Shirt
  • 100% pre shrunk ring spun for your pleasure.
  • Online Only. Big Box Stores Must Die
  • 100% You Need This In Your Life
  • Seriously Take This To The Skate Park and Shred... or Die

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