Street Fighter Victory
Street Fighter Victory
Street Fighter Victory

Street Fighter Victory

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  • Who ever dons this shirt shall be victorious.
  • 100% pre shrunk ring spun for your pleasure.
  • Online Only. Big Box Stores Must Die
  • With this shirt, all bets are on YOU.
  • This shirt gives you permission to give enemies a sumo head but.

    E. Honda's stage is called Edo no Yu (江戸の湯, Hot Water of Edo) in Street Fighter II. It is inside of a fictional sentō (銭湯) (public bath) in Kapukon Yu (加富根湯). A fun fact, you can see the bathhouse in Street Fighter Alpha in Ryu's stage.

    According to the backstory Honda was raised in a large bathhouse since a young age. Since Honda loves both sumo and hot baths he decided to combine both and made a sumo ring in the public bath.   The decorative illumination is operated and lit on from a back room by Honda’s disciples.


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