I updated my INTRO

 Finally! I updated my intro!  Originally my intro was made specifically for my attack on those Youtubers who leaked my footage of Glitch Boy.  Later, not having a real intro I used it.  It contained some baffling lines such as that I was "Harassing Youtubers."  Initially, that was a message to those suspects who i believed leaked my footage and later didn't connect with what my core channel was really about.   Finally I have Changed it!  Adam Arnali has taken forever to update my move set and give me my own video game which he promised so I have decided to...

Mega City is Under Attack!

Mega City is under Attack by 8 new Robot Masters following a Fire Storm rained down burning the city to ash.  In Glitch Boy 2 these new Robot Masters are heading straight to the capital of Mega City to take on the Government.  Stay tuned for more as Glitch Boy 2 comes to you Youtube Soon.