New Mario TLU Collab Coming Soon with Rex

Team LevelUP has started a new collab called the Koopa Troopa Collab 2. This collab features Mario villains who all try to take peaches castle some will win some will lose.  My entry features Rex from Super Mario World in an 8bit style.  My entry and story line is inspired by a Rex Japanese Comic where he is given powers when a Red Koopa Shell lands on his head.  Rex in this pixel anime will shoot fire and be able to jump high as he uses his spring like body.  Look out for this anime soon! Make sure to subscribe by clicking on my picture in the top left hand corner.   Play Pixel X Game Demo Glitch Boy Into...

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Time Juggling with Luigi

In the next Pixel X Animation by Adam EX Luigi of Super Mario Bros. finds himself face to face with Luigi from Super Mario Bros. 2.  Luigi #2 seems to have the upper hand as he has lifted Luigi #1 over his head.  In Super Mario Bros. 2 players have a new ability to throw things.  Is Luigi #2 set to throw Luigi #1 at the Shy Guys.  Is this a response to seeing your past self.  Would you use your self as a weapon if you met your past self or maybe he is attempting to Kill his past self.  Hopefully Luigi #1 survives and they can talk it out but you will have to wait to see what...

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