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Glitch Boy 1

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Issue #X15

Imagine playing every Mega Man game knowing that the blue bomber would eventually die.  What fun is that?  NONE!

But, also knowing there is a new band of hero's led by Glitch Boy fighting to save mega city after the events of Mega Man 11 is a comforting feeling.  YES!

This Glitch Boy shirt is a reminder that Mega City is in Good Hands.  get it in your hands so next time you play Mega Man, you win that game and you win it good because what ever happens next isn't just some glitch, it's GLITCH BOY!

Want to know more proof?  After Glitch Boy's disappearance while snooping in Dr. Wily's old castle he appeared to have hacked into the Past and Mega Man 2!  Click below to download for free Mega Man 2 Glitched and play as Glitch Boy.  He's gonna Glitch his way to saving the city one hack or another!

Pixel X Challenge: Name the game The Mega Man Boss is from in the picture below.